My name is Nora. I have seen many times the miracles of healing, restoration, provision, demon-deliverance, food multiplication and many others that are no smaller than the ones mentioned before.

I know that there is a God, an Only God, a Real God, and He has given us the Bible.

Every promise in the Bible is available to us, freely given when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

In my thirty something years of living, I really didn’t start living until I met Jesus, and He brought me back from the dead.

I knew that God would take me, and HE DID. He has changed my life in an amazing way and always provided in the most amazing ways. If I could only tell all the things I have seen, witnessed and given testimony. There is no God bigger than our Lord.

I live because I have received life from the source of life, and I want you to receive your life from the source of life too. There are barrels in Heaven filled with joy, grace and mercy.

One of the names of The Lord is Jehovah Elohim “The All Powerful One”. Thinking about it, there is no problem bigger than our Lord, there is no situation bigger than our God, there is nothing bigger than our Lord. He is the Most High, the All Powerful One.

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