Missed you!


Back to posting! I missed writing for RubiesGlow, really  missed it. From the last post to now, I have been back and forth with medical visits for my husband and for my daughter. Nothing serious, but must check on everything. We live in the country, and there are no hospitals nearby. So a trip to the hospital is an all day thing.

With God’s help, husband recovered well from surgery and my daughter is in good health. She was born with a tiny “problem” in one of her kidneys but is has never been a problem health wise. Just something to keep our eyes on. I am thanking God everyone is healthy!!

But enough talking about me. Let’s talk about updates on RubiesGlow!

I have never found so much resistance in the spirit as I found to publish the “Names of God” cross stitch pattern in Italian. Italy is a country under a heavy shadow of deception “looking good, is good”. The story of the apple in the garden of Eden.

This particular pattern “Names of God” came to me as an idea during prayer. I hear the soft whisper of the Lord tell me “this is for next month, when you are done with this and that”. So this is how the “Names of God” pattern came about. There was no problem as to publish it in English. It was easy to translate it and publish it in Spanish, but it was not easy to translate it and publish it in Italian.

For the Italian version, let me tell you: it was horrible! Each time I wanted to put together the document and upload it on Etsy the computer would freeze, the lights would go out, my daughter would suddenly start crying, internet would disconnect! I tried to upload it at 3 am, at 7 am, at 5 pm, at noon, any time for days! I struggled to put for sale this document for about a month! In prayer, I asked the Lord why this is happening with this particular document and not the other ones. There is so much resistance from the devil in Italy for the things of God. There is mass hypnotism with the old church that anything new may open the eyes of the people.

Well, after a long battle the document is loaded and on sale. Hurrah!!! Not today devil! and not tomorrow!

“Names of God” Italian Version


“Names of God” Spanish Version

Poster mock-up

As an update, I will stop here. There is so much to talk about but until next post! (Quickly, I bought a cutter to bring more Christian products to you! – wait until next post). In the mean time, I need to update the website,… it urgently needs to accommodate new categories and products.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!

Really missed you all,

Hugs, Nora