Going Twice A Month

Dear friends,

I am changing the postings for RubiesGlow’s posts to twice a month, every two Fridays. I have so much work accumulated and I wish I could spend more time creating better quality, better products, expand and create something really worthy of the finesse of our Lord. This is the reason why I will be breaking out of weekly posting. Hope also to bring you posts and news updates that will bring you more value.

Only this week, have I had the opportunity to work up the documents for September’s cross stitch pattern “Names of God“. The names of God are so powerful, the “I AM” of God that describes who HE is. Picking 6 names from a long list was not an easy task!

And yet this is another pattern still on my needles. Wish to show you pictures of all the finished patterns, but cross stitching even though is very relaxing for me… these past two months have been an overload and overload of things and happens, it was like if the devil did not want me to publish this pattern! HA! published and a kick on his ugly back!

Pattern is published in English for now. Have the designed translations for Spanish and Italian on my computer but I still have to work the documents. To get the right translation for Spanish was an easy task. To find correct translations to Italian…that was more of a challenge!

“Names of God” Cross Stitch Pattern

Poster mock-up

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RubiesGlow has the purpose and mission to provide Bible Scriptures until the end!

Declare and testify of the goodness the Lord has done in our lives. Declare God’s word constantly for it is medicine for the soul. God is building a testimony in you.

We serve a Mighty God.

Be blessed, Nora.