For Every Purpose


Last week I jumped the weekly post due to family circumstances. Today, Friday, is the catch-up with news about what is happening with RubiesGlow.

The Spanish and Italian sections have started to move around in social media. It is unbelievable the response for Spanish and Italian products with Scriptures on social media. People have thirst for the things of God. We all need only what God can give us.

On church on Sunday, I heard from the woman at the hospital that received two healing Bible Scriptures. She got so excited to receive them that she asked her family to hang them around so she can keep them in sight constantly.

The little things we do for others can make a big difference specially when we do them expecting nothing in return. We know God is watching, and when it will be time to get ‘home’ we will remember no more suffering and enjoy the eternal glory in God.

For now the amount of items in other languages is limited because I am working in parallel with other projects. Expect these lines to grow with time.

Allow me to show you in a gallery some of the items in Spanish and Italian available on the shop:

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If you cannot see the gallery above, I invite you to visit my blog by clicking here.

In October, I will be translating what I have as cross stitch patterns to Spanish and Italian. These will be something truly beautiful!!

Be blessed and have a great weekend,