Going Spanish and Italian

Announcement, I am so excited about this!

All products have started the process of being translated to Spanish and Italian. Cross stitch patterns will be translated too! I do not believe I will have the chance to cross stitch them all, but I will try to remain faithful to the monthly cross stitch finished pattern.

In case you are a reader and would like an item in Spanish or Italian, I will do it for you immediately. It will help me speed up the process of translating all the items! Write me an email by this channel or send me an email through Etsy. I will gladly do it for you.

In Italiano

Last week, I did two custom healing Bible verses in Italian for a woman in our church who is very sick. Receiving a gift of a Bible Scripture, unexpectedly, was a beautiful surprise and a motivation to keep up in faith and keep resisting the devil. One of the weapons the devil uses is to wear us out. The Scriptures are our sword to fight with. Keep your sword visible and become a warrior.

I will sing to the LORD as long as I live. I will praise my God to my last breath! Psalm 104:33

Have a great weekend, be blessed.




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