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This time I am writing because I have an urgent sensation to share a message with each one of you, to pray for our nations, because war drums are beating. In repenting and praying on our knees, we hear the voice of the Lord.

  • In repenting, we win with God.
  • In repenting, we get cleansed by Jesus.
  • In repenting, we fall back again in love with God.
  • In repenting, we get to see the whole picture with a restored mind.

I have three important words, that I find reasonable right now to share with each one of you, seeing the chaos that is going on in the world:

  • In mid-2015, the Lord told me “with what it’s about to happen to the world, it will not matter you haven’t worked X time, some people are going to lose everything they have”.
  • On January 2016, the Lord told me America will be attacked.
  • In 2017, on January 2nd, the Lord told me “Americans will start running very soon. You will see why I have given you this path.”

The day of the event, which of course I do not know the day or the hour, it can be this year, next year, get on your knees and pray. This is what the Lord told me: get on your knees and pray, so that your heart does not fall prey to fear.

A note aside:

The pastor from the church I attend is a Spanish pastor with a strong testimony in his life. He used to be a fisherman, today is a fisherman of men. Some years ago, the pastor shared on church that the Lord told him he will be leading a church in Italy when some event, something that happened out there, totally destroyed the economies and people were looking for answers. He was not showed what event. The Holy Spirit will lead people to real churches and gatherings where the truth of the Word of God is preached. He doesn’t know anything about “The Harbinger” or “The Blood Moons”. This was solely revelation by the Holy God.

This is the moment to stay in prayer. Keep focused on the things above and the Word of God.

This blog post ends here with a call to everyone to pray in repentance and healing of our lands.

Be blessed, Nora





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