Inspiration to Pray

Last week I jumped my weekly blog post due to a house arrest. My husband had surgery scheduled, he is back home “half way” the treatment, and there was a part that we were not expecting. I am to attend very closely an open wound and give him medical attention each 3-4 hours daily, besides having a baby, and all my other shores. Then go back to the hospital and finish the whole thing.

Prayer has helped us for these days to go easier and funnier. Yes, funnier. Prayer has helped me keep a good attitude for me and for him, keeping the humors low and the spirit high.

My husband is also a working man and cannot stay in one place for more than 30 minutes. We just learned to laugh at the situations we have in our hands of continuous medical care and baby assistance, for example trying not making a sound when baby is sleeping and I am changing bandages. I have at home two strong-willed family members. I even told my husband to lay down and play sick (if he moves too much around, the wound will not heal properly).

Besides all the fun of going around the house after husband and baby, I still had time to do some creations here and there. My inspiration for these was a life of prayer. Encouragement for a deeper life in prayer, because it is what it will walk us through when times change suddenly.

Prayer gives us peace and remind us of who we belong to, of His Peace, for He is The Prince of Peace.

Each illustration is made in English as well as in Spanish.

Available on RubiesGlow on Etsy:

8 x 10 Vintage White Frame Vertical

“Answers” can be found here

8 x 10 GOLD vertical

“Las respuestas” can be found here

8 x 10 GOLD vertical

“Prayer is the key” can be found here

8 x 10 Vintage White Frame Vertical

“La Oracion es la llave” can be found here


“Faith counts” can be found here


“La fe cuenta” can be found here


This post is a small window of our family life with all of you… family is a beautiful thing. Let’s take care of our families, they are treasures in disguise. Some of you may not have a family, or have families far away. God supplies people alone with His family.

Be blessed, and have a great week.



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