Cross Stitch Embroidery

Cross stitching is a passion in my life. I started cross stitching when I was going through a wilderness season and it has since then been with me. While I listened to God’s word on podcasts, while I meditated late at night, I would stitch in my kitchen table until midnight, enjoying the quiet and the inner talk with God.

RubiesGlow is a shop with the purpose to provide Bible verses when times get difficult and night draws near. This is the purpose the Lord gave this online shop. A visual Scripture will shine light and hope to your sight, refresh your heart and reaffirm your faith in Him. This is the season to impart blessings and care for your loved ones.

In the past, I have created my own cross stitch patterns for my home or to give as gifts. Also, I follow several online cross stitch shops that I have as favorites, from the commercial lines to independent designers. The Christian cross stitch patterns, specially, have been a gift that is so appreciated, always! Cross stitch embroidery is such a beautiful craft and what can be achieved with it “the sky is the limit”.

Short testimony: I remember giving a simple “get well” card with an insert in cross stitch with the phrase “Smile, God is in control” to a woman that was going through a difficult time. She found herself without work and dealing with health issues at the same time. She told me she placed the card on her bed stand, and she would look at it each morning. It became an encouragement for her to see something hand-made with a big smile made specially for her. Never underestimate the power of handmade gifts! This woman later found a good job, hired on the spot, and today she has a Masters in Physical Therapy and currently working in a hospital! Wow!

A new type of products in this shop is the sale of cross stitch patterns with Bible verses, for all the lovers of this craft! I have seen beautiful work from other established online stores, so I will put my grain of sand too in this area. This new pattern line will grow slowly, as I have also other duties both personally and professionally.

The first cross stitch item is, drum-roll please :

“Under His Wings I find Refuge” 8 x 10 UNDER HIS WINGS CROSS STITCH PATTERN


Perfect for an 8″ x 10″ frame. Let me explain this pattern briefly.



  • In large curvy letters: “Under His Wings”, our place of safety and peace.
  • In a smaller font just below: “I find”, emphasis on doing my part of the deal.
  • For last the word “REFUGE” in large cap letters.
  • All decorated with sampling stitches in various colors.



An example of “Under His Wings” with a gold frame:

8 x 10 GOLD vertical

Available on RubiesGlow here.


Thank you for visiting this blog post and for sharing a passion for the Word of God.

Be blessed, Nora






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