Psalm 91 Personal Experiences

This post will be different. For this week, I would like to share with you five testimonies from my own life with Psalm 91, and how it has saved my life and kept my family safe. Victory must be given and recognition to whom is due: Our Lord is great!

God is faithful.


Town Center At Night

After finishing work one night from a downtown business, I felt in danger. It was almost midnight and the streets were empty. You could hear some screams in the background and cars like racing. The town center is a meeting place for certain activities, but this was the job God gave me. I was very grateful for this job. I became very afraid and started to run towards my car, parked about four streets away. I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say:

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day.

Peace came to my heart and I relaxed. I walked in peace towards my car and had a good night sleep.


Job Security

At another job, the company I was working for made changes in the upper management. The new management decided to cut on personnel. I had about 6 months in this new job and was doing really well. People were scared and negativity spread like wildfire. I like to stay away from these kind of conversations, but one morning colleges were really pushing for my opinion. I played the silly part and turned my face to the window, then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit whisper:

A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you.”

This is a verse I never thought in my mind would apply for work. But God is faithful and I stayed longer in the position. I saw people come in and leave positions, I trained a lot of newcomers, and my feet were solid firm until I resigned from that job.


Driving Along a Curvy Road in the Mountains

It was very early in a winter morning, I had to make a four hour long trip to the state capital. The car was already warmed up, but I was still battling with the front glass window fogging. The road to the capital was a two way road with two narrow lanes, and some of the curves were very sharp or accentuated. I do not know how, and still I cannot remember, but I left the steering wheel, and I would and should have gone straight on a curve, falling down on a cliff.

I saw the steering wheel of my car move to the right and make the curve all by itself. I believe Psalm 91 ‘water reservoir’ intervened with the hand of an angel to save my life that day.


Protection Over Our Home and Crops

My husband likes to take care of a large vegetable garden. The weather one night was terrible, the news were even talking about weird tornadoes in the middle of the ocean and in the towns, just awful, crazy hailstorm, a big mess…

In our vegetable garden we had tender plants (it was the beginning of the season), and some special varieties that we love to cook with. I felt prompted to recite Psalm 91 over our home and our crops. My husband laughed at me for praying at the door “yelling at the storm”. My husband went to the kitchen to keep watching the news, while I stayed at the door talking with the Holy Spirit. My husband from the kitchen told me “forget about the plants, they will be destroyed by the storm”.

While standing at the door open, I reminded the Lord of His promises “it shall not come near us”, “He is our refuge and our fortress”, “no evil will come near our home”.

The Lord told me “no even a little plant will be broken”. So I went to sleep for the night. It was late at night.

The next morning, we heard the news reports: house roof tops lifted, houses invaded by water, cars overturned, some even ended up in the river or under bridges, crops destroyed by hailstorm, parts of town without power. The storm left a trail of destruction. I ran to the garden to see the damage and all our small tender plants were intact. Even the fig trees that have large leafs were intact! not broken by the wind or hailstorm.

My husband told me something amazing happened last night after I went to sleep. The storm that was headed towards us, without motive did an “L-TURN” and destroyed everything on its way starting about 500 mts from our house and beyond.


Protection During Pregnancy Over My Daughter

During pregnancy, I developed some health problems. I often prayed Psalm 91 for my daughter with my hands on my belly. By the seventh month of pregnancy, I had to be hospitalized and kept under medical supervision. But I was in peace, because God had already told me that everything was going to be fine.

At the hospital, the doctor called me into an instrumentation room to do the first check on my daughter, to see how she was being affected by mom’s health problems. The doctor told me “this is strange, but it is good! your baby is in a happy sack untouched by any of your problems”. Often, children are born with brain damage in these cases.

I knew in my heart it is God’s protection over my daughter. Later she was delivered by emergency cesarean and right now is a healthy bright little girl.

What a great God we serve!!


Do you have any experiences like these that you would like to share? Please comment below!

Have a blessed week, Nora





4 thoughts on “Psalm 91 Personal Experiences

  1. A very encouraging testimony.
    The three things I have learned from the Book of Psalms is the : One: when we sin Jehovahs hand is heavy upon us. When we repent He graciously forgives us
    Two: We all go through hard times. The difference between those in the world and those in Jehovah is that those in Jehovah have the Holy Spirit walking through the hard times with us.
    Three: in the beginning it looks like the wicked are winning in their abuse of the righteous. In the end it is the righteous on top while the wicked suffer the consequences of their evil.

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  2. Thank you for sharing, very important for all of us. Your comment is right on the spot! We must forgive to whom have done us wrong and speak blessings to them as we wish for them to us.


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