New Items: The Lord’s Prayer and Two Psalm Crosses

This week I am adding four new items to the stock of RubiesGlow on Etsy.

In my heart was the Lord’s Prayer, a daily prayer for worship, provision and protection. This time I am opting for publishing the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish as well as in English. The background is a textured artist paper, with a pair of beautiful blue watercolor flowers.


The Lord's Prauer

The Lord’s Prayer with watercolor flowers can be found here:


Padre Nuestro

The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish, Padre Nuestro, can be found here:


New are two text crosses with Psalms 27 and Psalm 91. I believe these are such a blessing, combining the Cross and a Psalm together.

flattened image light color

Psalm 27 can be found here:


Psalm 91

Psalm 91 with lovely purple flowers can be found here:


It has been wonderful creating these items! Specially the last Psalm 91 with flowers, so alive and fresh. I am in favor of memorizing Psalm 91 and having it in our home after reading Peggy Joyce Ruth’s “Psalm 91 ” book. Have you read this book? Let me know…

Wish you all a great week,

Be blessed, Nora





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