New Items and Instagram!


News and updates!!!

First, let me show you the new items on sale right now, and hope to bring you a smile and speak to your heart. I have created several new items with inspiring Bible verses that are available from RubiesGlow on Etsy. These include colorful leaves, bees, honey, succulents, and text crosses. I cannot tell for a favorite, but Psalm 91 in a cross makes a beautiful statement.

Check the slideshow below to view the new items:

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With an honorable mention, a new retro vintage A4 text illustration is now available with “The Blessings for Obedience” from Deuteronomy 28 verses 1 to 14.

For a time I have been wanting to do a full Deuteronomy 28 Blessings print that people can read and visualize at any moment, all in one sight. All the important text, in one place and one visualization. Ready to be studied, meditated, learned, memorized and help you claim the blessings that belong to believers.

Deuteronomy 28 Blessings
Deut. 28 Blessings


In the last week or so, the Holy Spirit has been reminding me of these promises, and reminding me to claim them daily. Daily news reports seem to be reporting bipolar news and do not know which side to pick, prosperity or chaos. The news for the people of God are in the Bible and they do not expire. This is the reason why I desired to make a Deuteronomy 28 Blessings list that will keep you focused on the things above.

But the truth is that we must claim all of these blessings for us. All the important text is there, King James version.


Social Media Update: I am now on Instagram!

I have decided to open an Instagram account to promote the site, the products, Bible verses and words of encouragement. What motivated me the most to open an Instagram account is that I have a new ‘type’ of products that I wish to promote and create a community for people that enjoy the same passion for this type of hand-work.

I have taken so many pictures of the process in between, but it will all be revealed next week.

As a reminder, you can sign up for a daily free Bible Scripture if you are a Facebook user. This is the page to follow: BibleScriptures. There is no publicity, no adds, no selling of things, just Bible Scriptures.

Have a great weekend, and be blessed.