Updates: Guest Checkout and Custom Orders

There are two main updates I would to share with you for RubiesGlow on Etsy happening this week.

First update:

Guest checkout is now available on Etsy. This is a great advantage for anyone that has ever been discouraged by having to sign up for another account to purchase just one item. Now Etsy allows ‘guest’ purchases and even ‘guest’ customers can order custom items. The only privilege that ‘guest’ customers do not have is that ‘guests’ will not be able to leave a review for their purchases.

Second update:

I can now take custom orders for Bible verses on RubiesGlow. Sometimes I get emails from people that want a special Bible verse, a verse deep in their hearts that promises healing or shields their faith. Before now, my family and other activities were taking all of my time. Now things have shifted and I can fulfill customs orders for a fee.

Before saying goodbye and until next-week, I would like to share this social media item I created this morning. Please feel free to use and share:



Have a great weekend and be good to someone today. We are here to serve.