New Season is Here

Plenty of news for RubiesGlow! This week I have started changing tabs, pages, and content on the website. I have been out for medical reasons and family calls for the last two weeks, please excuse the delay. You will see changes here and there as I am working on in growing this website and establishing its purpose. Some links may not work right now, but I will work on them as soon as I can, for they are ‘space-holders’.

From now on, I will be working on uploading the large amount of items I have destined for this season. Probably will take all the way to next month to finish uploading! (a few at a time, new items each week day). So I have decided to lower the prices for the entire months of April and May. Hurrah!

For the months of April and May, the pricing is as follows:

  • All 8″ x 10″ instant downloads 4,50 € to 3,00€
  • All A4 instant downloads from 4,50€ to 3,00€
  • All 8″ x 8″ (square) instant downloads go for 2,50€
  • PRINTS: April and May 3 x 2 special! , buy two prints, get one print free (any size). The free item will be the lower price item.

The illustration on the featured image of this post is Bible verse John 10:10. Features a majestic vintage lion with Bible verse in a bold grunge font, the style I love it. I do not know if you like it too, but I love this vintage bold look. The illustration can be found by clicking on the following link:


To shop on Etsy, you must register with Etsy (free), or sign in with a Facebook or Google account. Most debit/credit cards are accepted as well as Paypal. Etsy is a secure platform, and sellers do not get to see your personal payment information (i.e. credit card number, etc.).

To visit RubiesGlow and take a look around (witness it as it grows in time!!!) please visit the link: Items will be added daily until I finish uploading all the new items. Also, I will be making changes as necessary to this website and the shop platform.

Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you all a great week.

Be blessed, Nora