A Short Testimony

Last week I was crunching the numbers to see if I can afford some extra-equipment and materials that I need to invest in for projects that will come later this year and to make my life easier. The price tag is high, and I am going completely by faith.

The equipment goes above the thousand mark. I was asking God, which item should I buy first and which I can make without, because I was going to be left with very little money for everything else. I have witnessed many times the provision of the Lord, and traveled on the empty. Many times I have ended up with more than I could imagine. I did not realize I was complaining about lack to the Lord of Lords, with an earthly mentality.

Our Father is good and He is also the Provider. The next Tuesday, I came in contact with a person I have worked for, and so I asked how it was going with this and that.. and this person told me “I have another job like that for you”…immediately the deal was closed and the project has been on my hands since then. Well paid and the extra-income is great.

Thank you Lord!


Have a blessed week!